What Are Alcohol Rehab Centers

Alcoholic rehab centers are alcohol treatment centers in which alcohol addicts receive treatment for their alcoholism. These centers have been known as the best way of helping a person stop the cycle of destructive drinking. Anyone who has ever lived with an alcoholic knows the chaos and pain that surround alcohol abuse. Lost jobs, broken relationships, and health problems are just some of the problems that come with alcoholism.

Modern thinking on alcoholism has concluded that alcoholism is a disease. Like any other disease, alcoholism can be effectively treated. Alcoholic rehab centers are special clinics through which the disease of alcoholism is treated. The alcohol treatment in alcohol rehab centers is done through detoxification. The patient is helped to rebuild his or her life and carry on to live a fulfilling life.

What Are Alcohol Rehab Centers

Alcoholic rehab centers have evolved from the psychiatric look-alike of the 1930-1950s. These rehab centers of the past were used only for drying out. Patients would go to the rehab center to dry out and then would be sent on their way. Doctors at the time did not know about treating drinking. In most cases, they would prescribe experimental drugs and treatments out of clinical desperation.

Several features distinguish alcohol abuse rehab centers. One of the features that distinguish alcohol rehab centers is detoxification. This is because detoxification is the first step in alcoholism treatment. There are two main methods of detox. The first method of detoxification is medical detoxification. The other method of detoxification is non-medical detoxification. This method is regarded as very dangerous as you have to wait out the symptoms of withdrawal. This method is not recommended to people who are heavily addicted to alcohol.

If you are wondering what alcoholic rehab centers are, then you should look at the second feature of alcoholic rehab centers. This second feature is that rehab centers tend to have a residential or inpatient wing. Residential treatment of alcoholism is one of the features that distinguish alcoholic rehab centers.

Residential alcohol abuse treatment has two main modalities. One modality is clinical treatment, while the other modality is behavior modification treatment. Clinical treatment involves the evaluation of underlying psychological disorders. In behavior modification, the client is taught to alter negative thinking into positive thinking.

Another feature of alcoholic rehab centers is that they have outpatient care. Outpatient alcohol abuse rehab is for alcoholics who do not need detoxification programs. In outpatient rehab programs, clients attend group treatment settings, they are counseled together and attend group therapy. It is important to note that outpatient clinics differ greatly and they vary in structure.

There are moderately structured outpatient programs and highly structured outpatient rehab programs. It is significant to note that alcoholic rehab centers do not cure alcoholism, only give treatment. The alcoholic must cooperate with the rehab center to get the best results. There are several other features that distinguish rehabilitation, but the brevity of the article cannot allow for their exploration.

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